Acupunture for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries often occur while participating in organized sports or fitness activities, training sessions, competitions. There are many reasons for that including inappropriate footwear or equipment, improper training, etc. Acupuncture for Sports Injuries is called a comprehensive health care system which can reduce the pain and inflammation, increase motion range and accelerate healing time.  Acupuncture is used for diagnosis, treatment and prevention for thousands of years.

Do you participate in sports or any active physical activity? If yes, most probably you already experienced a sports injury. Injuries in sports are usually caused by trauma while falling or blowing. Another frequent issue is overuse or misuse of particular muscles and other body structures such as tendons and ligaments.

Acupuncture can help at any stage

In acupuncture sports injuries are implied as pulled muscles, sprains, strains, shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, varied inflammations and pain that keeps person out of the physical activities.

Acupuncture can benefit sports injuries at any stage: to prevent, to treat acute pain, swelling and spasms, and to address conditions that make athletes vulnerable to re-injury.  Studies have shown that acupuncture increases blood circulation to specific areas of the body, which not only promotes healing of sports injuries but could also boost athletic performance.

Acupuncture is very powerful acute and chronic problems treatment. If you are suffering from acute injuries, the needles are inserted at the certain spot of injury. It helps to flush it with fresh blood and heal an injury. External herbs can also be used by applying them on the skin instead of taken orally. It helps to relax and speed up whole healing process.

If you are suffering from chronic underlying problem a thorough assessment and review of previous injuries will be needed. The acupuncturist will make an assessment on your waling, squatting, usual posture and other body positions. All these factors can be important for chronic pain.

What treatment should you expect?

After the acupuncture needle is inserted, normally you feel a warmth, heaviness, or dull ache. Some people feel an energy spreading and moving in the area. At the end of the treatment, people feel energized and relaxed.

Often people ask if needles hurt. Actually it depends. While some people can feel a little pinch after a needle are inserted, others feel absolutely nothing because needles are very thin.

We believe that a sports injury shouldn’t stop you from doing something you love. Whether it be dancing, playing sports or any other physical acuity. So take any pain or sport injury seriously and treat it as soon as possible. Acupuncture is used to treat various injuries thousand years ago and it is one of the prime solutions of quick healing.

After acupuncture procedure you will feel neck pain relief, muscle pain relief, it also helps to treat strains, sprains, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle pain, swollen muscles and shin splints.


Wester acupunture and Dry Needling

Western acupuncture is often called as an alternate traditional medicine that helps to speed up healing processes. Acupuncturist uses a defined points or acupuncture points on the skin and inserts thin sterile needles through it. This healing method helps to treat chronic back pain, headaches, neck and joint pain, menstrual cramps, tendinitis, muscle spasms, muscle strains, sciatica, hip/knee pain, fibromyalgia, tennis/golfers elbow, overcome overuse injuries, PFPS (Patellofemoral pain syndrome)

Why to use Western Acupuncture?

  • it helps to relieve pain and regulates the flow of vital energy;
  • used as back pain treatment that effectively helps to get back pain relief;
  • used as neck pain treatment;
  • helps to get rid of headache, buttock pain, migraine, frozen shoulders pain;
  • it helps to get muscle pain relief and release psychological, physical and emotional stress;
  • stimulates the opioid system that responds to pain.

What is dry needling?

Western Acupuncture, also known as dry needling came from Western science. Western Acupuncture uses anatomical spots to stimulate neurological, vascular and muscular systems. It helps to provoke healing process in damaged tissue.

Dry needling method means that one needle is used to puncture into muscles for a short amount of time while different needles simultaneously are used in acupuncture. Dry needling is very powerful pain relief and calming method that helps to restore normal movement function and immediate relief stress.

Dry needling technique uses needle insertion into your trigger point. Most often this method is used to treat injuries pain. It is very effective and helps to relieve pain and restore normal tissue function.

Dry needling is also differing from acupuncture. Acupuncture focuses on promoting the energy flow in the body and all organs while dry needling stimulates a specific trigger point that causes pain and movement limitations.

Basic deep dry needling therapy steps

  1. The physical therapist palpates the specific muscle for a taut band or tense muscles in order to find out the trigger spot.
  2. The needle is leading toward the trigger point until the therapist incurs resistance or identifies the patient’s local twitch response. A twitch response indicates that the needle is in the trigger point.
  3. After finding trigger point the therapist is focusing on this particular area or other neighbouring areas by mowing the needle back toward the layer of tissue directly under the skin without taking it out.
  4. After that therapist redirects the needle toward the trigger points until local twitch responses stops or the person can’t stand the procedure.